Change by choice. Change by ultimatum.

When the people closest to us do NOT change to cater to our needs, wants and insecurities, we often and categorically say that people can’t change, that they don’t, that a leopard never changes its spots.
People change for the right reasons – their reasons. To expect someone to change because we need them to, is unreasonable and unfair. People change because they WANT to, not because they are being FORCED to.


All we can do is explain how someone’s actions affect us, understanding that ours affect them as well. If someone makes changes because of an empathy and understanding then it means they are changing because they want to.
We often expect others to change, with no intention of making changes in ourselves, since we always prefer to believe that the problems we encounter are the faults of others.
So I realised that people do change and they can, but they do so if and when they want to. I also realised that change because of free-will is more appreciative than change because of an ultimatum.



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