Life at 38 – I was divorced, single and happy but experiencing societal hypocrisy at its best.

I had very interesting conversations with some most lovely women this weekend…some were my cousins, some were my old friends and some were new ladies I met. All beautiful, ambitious, sexy, intelligent in their own rights.

Societal hypocrisy has reached an incredible high when it comes to women and men and their sexuality, dating practices, marital status:


– men can date as many different women that they’d like and it’s fine with everyone. If women, who are single adults, do the same, we are labelled as so many things that I prefer not list.


– most men take the barest care of their bodies and it’s fine. If we grow older, gather some proof of living on us, along the way, and our bodies aren’t perfect, we are less desirable.


– if men just want to have sex with a woman and not pursue a relationship, that’s a man being a man. If we do the same saying that we too have needs, we are loose, for want of a less charitable word.


– if men want a relationship, he’s one of the good ones. If we do, we are too dependent, clingy and don’t like to be alone.


– if a single man has a child, he’s such a good single parent, admirable of course. If a woman does, she’s somewhat of liability to a single man, who doesn’t have a child. Way too much baggage.


– if a man is divorced, he has experience and will know how to do better next time. If we are, well…..don’t even think about a never-before-married-man wanting to marry you. Way too much baggage.


– if men are comfortable with their sexuality, that’s confidence. If we are, that makes us wild….and that’s not the W-word I meant.


Who wants to settle down with a woman who has been single for a long time and has been enjoying HER life, the one she maintains, the one she takes precautions in? No one.
Who wants to marry such a man….anyone really…






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