Not All Men Are Dogs

There are good, even great men in this world. Women tend to stereotype their taste, limiting themselves to same genre of men….usually those closer to the canine species. We repeatedly make poor choices, then complain that there are no good men.

But that’s not true. What has to change is how we see ourselves and thereby seeing differently, what we deserve. It also comes down to what we consider happiness to be. We often need the excitement of relationship problems to feel alive, normal even. So it starts there.


We must re-vamp what determines our happiness; what we need in our lives; what is good for us; what we choose. I have had the best example of an amazing man in my life, my grandfather. Yet for so long I made the poorest choices in a partner.


Eventually, I stopped. And i met an equally amazing man who has thrown my life into a complete and happy disarray, forcing me to learn all over again, everything I thought I already did.


It’s all in how we perceive ourselves….our choices reflect that perception.



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