Not everyone we lose is a loss

People have entered my life for spurts of time….some spurts lasting much longer than others, and some entering repeatedly. I have come to realise that people enter my life for a reason and thus a season. I never understood it in my younger days but in the past few years, it all started to make more sense.

I believe that The Universe/God needs us to learn certain lessons to protect ourselves, to become more whole, to be better people, to understand more. When we don’t learn the lessons on our own, we need some help. So I believe that people enter our lives to help direct us to the lesson. Unfortunately, these are sometimes the people who cause us much hurt and pain, sometimes repeatedly, until the lesson is learnt.

These people help us to see things in ourselves that we were unable to see on our own. Others show us the truth about circumstances and situations in our lives that we need to change. Some even bring us the joy and strength we may need at the time.

When the lesson is learnt or the change is made, people either remain in our lives because they were meant to, or they leave as a result of the lesson or change. When we have to allow them to leave, or leave them, it hurts, we feel such a loss. But sometimes I just take a step back and analyse what just happened.

Those times of solitude makes me realise that they came into my life for a reason but were not necessarily meant to stay. Losing them isn’t a loss…it is often a gain. I gained knowledge, I learnt something, I changed something. So I allow them to go, thankful that their purpose was served, accepted and appreciated.



One thought on “Not everyone we lose is a loss

  1. Absolute truth… Your work shows us a lot of things that we all know, but are afraid to express. I’m glad that you have the strength to express it… Keep inspiring!


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