Women are liars as well…

Men have always gotten a really bad name when it comes to lying. And truth be told….they DO lie…a whole lot, probably even more than women do. But women lie too. The hypocrisy lies in the justification. Women lie for the very same things that men lie for, yet when we do it, it somehow seems ‘justified’.


If a man lies to us to ‘spare our feelings’, he’s an ass. If we do it, we are compassionate.


If a man lies about the true nature of his current relationship status, he’s dishonest. If we do it, we are just trying to sort things out.


If a man lies to make himself look better, he’s a chauvinist. If we do it, we’re well-marketed.


The list goes on and on. But what I have realised is that we can’t want to be considered ‘better’ than men when we are doing the very things that make us condemn them. We are no better, in fact, it makes us worse, because we claim to know better.


A lie is destructive to any relationship or friendship and is no foundation upon which anything wholesome should be built. If lies are essential for a friendship or relationship to run smoothly then it’s definitely a friendship or relationship that needs to be re-evaluated.



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