Friendship is but a subset…

Women place very high expectations on men concerning trust, loyalty and honesty. We are always very cognizant of the type of relationship we want and what we will and will not accept.

We often forget that a friendship is also a relationship. Therefore, the same high standards of loyalty, respect, trust and honesty should be placed on that as well. In fact, women should expect more from our friends than we do from any man. After all, these are the people who see us through our lowest points and supposedly help along the way, with no ulterior motives.

Therefore, a betrayal from a friend is always more unacceptable and unforgivable than the betrayal of a spouse.

We forget that the same vulnerability that makes us place our trust in the wrong man, is the same weakness that makes us trust the wrong friends. The blindness that prevents us from seeing a man’s true colours, is the same blindness that prevents us from seeing the falseness in friends.

So when such a betrayal occurs, it really is a no compromise policy about maintaining such friendships.

After the past years of my life, I have no room in it for people who pretend to care about and respect me, when there are selfish, hidden ulterior motives in all that they do and say.
Someone who betrays a friend, is no different from any unfaithful man. She is one that is capable of anything, and that renders her dangerous. The sacredness of female friendships is only destroyed by a very special breed of woman. A calculating, manipulative one.

I am by no means perfect. But the mistakes that I have made over the past years have allowed me to understand consequence and repercussion.

I have come a long way in rectifying my wrongs and learning from them so that I don’t repeat my mistakes. Those mistakes also include not trusting the wrong people.

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