​Haughtiness is that ugly emotion you feel when you truly, with everything ungodly inside of you, believe that you are OWED an explanation for someone else’s life, choices and decisions. 
Haughtiness is that arrogant quality of feeling superior to others. It prevents you from being able to be truly happy for someone else’s happiness. 
Haughtiness leads you to abandon all that you are supposed to know to be good and loving in this world, while it easily allows you to plunge into the abyss of envy.
Haughtiness is that unconscious ugliness that allows you to actually believe that you are humble and of God. 
The truth is that God doesn’t like haughty.

God doesn’t like ugly.

God doesn’t like envy.
At the rate at which you are slipping down the steep slope from your self constructed pedestal, and feel angry, offended and entitled to an explanation for my life, you need to be more concerned about if God likes you. 
You know what they say about being closer to the church…

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