Parents in the time of Corona

Parents, be less concerned about home-schooling and online teaching. We, the teachers, will handle that when we get back out. Trust us; trust that we know how and that we cannot wait to.
You may never have this kind of time at home with them ever again, and hopefully never, under these circumstances.
Use this time to make memories that will last them long after you are gone; memories that would be so vivid, that it’s all they’ll want to tell their children about you.
– teach them to cook fun and not-so-fun dishes
– show them how to budget their allowance
– do crafts and easter egg hunts (you would be shocked to see how much your teens would be receptive)
– pass on how to play hopscotch and moral and pitch and jacks
– watch movies
– let them run and play and hide, then catch them
– help them to journal what’s happening right now
– exercise with them
– tell them stories about your childhood
– play board games
– join social media with the older ones
– teach them something that they can only learn from you
– teach them something naughty that they’d never expect from you – seeing you as human beyond being a parent, is priceless
– let them see you love them and their other parent
– dance with them, dance, just dance
– learn the Electric Slide together
– let then teach you the Cha Cha Slide…let them teach you anything
Don’t look back and be proud of how much school work you accomplished. Look back and let your heart swell with joy.
And whatever you decide to do, just don’t have regrets.